Hard Target Firearms Training is proud to announce a whole new chapter in our company: Hard Target Women. We have created this at the request of so many of our female students. So what is Hard Target Women?

It’s a chance for all the women we have worked with OR the women we have not worked with in the past to come out twice a month and get dedicated training on women-specific areas of interest. This is open to every woman who wants to learn.

We’ll be covering things like:

  • The fundamentals of gun safety and marksmanship.
  • Shooting drills for you to use with us and during your own practice time.
  • Use of force. We’ll be talking a lot about the practical application of what we teach.
  • Training topics like concealed carry, weapon storage at home, strategies for deescalating dangerous situations and strategies for avoiding dangerous situations altogether.

Additionally, this is a membership program. We simply set up a monthly payment with you and it’s automatically processed to your debit card or credit card. The cost is only 20 dollars per month.

The group meets twice a month for 2 hours. So you will be able to get regular work with your handgun. There is no range fee or additional cost. And unlike our supplemental training sessions, this group will not focus on practice but rather education, teaching and training. You’ll learn what you want to know and what you need to know.

To get signed up, contact us and we’ll get you enrolled!